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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What is the .Net Technology?

The technology contains many concepts that are tricky to come to grips with initially. The .Net framework is a new and revolutionary platform created by Microsoft for developing applications. Although the Microsoft release of .Net framework runs on the windows operating system, it is fast becoming possible to find alternative versions that will work on other systems.

Also, one can use the Microsoft .Net compact framework on Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) class devices and even some smartphone. The .Net framework allows the creation of windows applications, web applications, web services and pretty much anything else one can think of.

What is in the .Net Framework?

The .Net framework consist primarily of a gigantic library of code that one can use in client language using Object Oriented Programming (OOP) techniques. The library is categorized in to different modules you can use portions of it depending on the results you intend to achieve.

Part of the .Net framework library defines some basic types. A type is a representation of data and specifying some of the most fundamental of these(such as a 32-bit signed integer) facilitates interoperability between language using the .Net framework. This is called Common Type System (CTS).

The .Net framework also includes the .Net Common Language Runtime(CLS) which is responsible for maintaining the execution of all applications developed using the .Net library.

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